[our_team title="Info." img="divisor.png"]Evo Yachting, Bodrum-Turgutreis from the first yacht owners, captains and international agencies engaged in the business It is a company founded with the purpose of serving. Our experience of over 20 years of sailing and yachting We are at your service. Our goal is to you, to provide service in the shortest time and in the best conditions.   Our in-house or agency, brokerage, charter and technical services are offered. Each Our branch principle we work with the best in the industry, including ourselves. To serve you We will be proud, regards ...[/our_team]

[row] [one_fourth][block title="Boat Purchase - Sale" img="about1.png" link="http://www.evoyachting.com/en/yachts-for-sale/" type="read-more-on-hover" des="Do you think getting a new boat or to sell your boat? Please take advantage of our experience and our advanced business network." ][/block][/one_fourth][one_fourth][block title="Technical Service" img="teknik-servis.jpg" link="#" type="read-more-on-hover" des="We serve our over 20 years of experience in technical service. We offer the best service for your boat with best price guarantee." ][/block][/one_fourth][one_fourth][block title="Yacht Agency" img="yat-acenta.png" link="#"  type="read-more-on-hover" des="Marina reservations, customs formalities for yachts, Input and output transitlog services, Bunkering, the excise duty on fuel transactions and more ..." ][/block][/one_fourth][one_fourth][block title="Charter Yachts" img="yat-kiralama.png" link="http://www.evoyachting.com/en/charter-yachts/" type="read-more-on-hover" des="The unique beauty of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts that are hand-made these shores again, eye-straining navigate our superb tool .." ][/block][/one_fourth][/row]
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